The special provider for all fleet and vehicle fleet services.

Simple, efficient and fast, that is the Hartmann Group, whether individual transports or the relocation of entire fleets, with us even complex transfers can be handled quickly and easily.
As a national and pan-European service provider, you can fall back on over 30 years of experience.
With your own seats, your own drivers, your own IT and configurable service package, nothing to be desired.
The HARTMANN Group is therefore the first choice for all companies that have to transfer vehicles regularly and safely, from entry to exit.

Logistics on its own axis

Transports on their own axis with a permanent team of drivers.

Support of the employee by our back office as well as perfect IT support.

  • commissioning

  • Termination

  • execution

  • Logging

  • Tracking

  • Training

Logistics with our own shipping company

Transports on a third-party axis with a permanent team of drivers.

Regardless of whether direct delivery or vehicle return at the end of the lease or rental, the logging is fully digital and by trained employees. Perfect IT support and tracking in real time.

  • commissioning

  • Termination

  • execution

  • Logging

  • Tracking

  • Training


Move individual vehicles as easily as if you were sending a package.

Area-wide groupage and individual transports throughout Germany, with a service guarantee at an attractive price.

  • Collective transport

  • Individual transports

  • Uniform product nationwide

  • Collective transport

  • Individual transports

  • Uniform product nationwide

Vehicle registration and deregistration service

The nationwide registration and cancellation service.

We have many years of experience in these processes, which are often handled differently.

  • Central

  • Decentralized

  • All from a single source

  • Register

  • Sign out

  • Re-register

Space logistics

Own places all over Germany, with a core coverage in the area north, west and center.

All places are fully digitized in the process steps and service packages can be created individually.

  • 127,000 m² floor space

  • 5600 m² halls

  • 600 m² office & training rooms

  • Naval base

  • Remarketing

  • Flat fee option

Space services

Directly on site, with a whole team of experienced and trained employees.

With us you get the entire service package from a single source and directly at our seats.

  • Photo service

  • Condition report

  • Technology check

  • Smart repair

  • Defoliation

  • Service for accident vehicles

  • HU nd AU directly at the location

  • Service for pool vehicles

HARTMANN software solutions

A software package that enables you to make a qualified and quick decision at any time.

With us you have the right software tools at hand to manage your fleet transparently and flexibly.


  • Pool star

  • Sales Expert

  • Space master

  • Order Net